Event and Media Structures Ltd. have recently been granted a sponsor licence, enabling them to make use of skilled international talent as part of their recruitment strategy in the events industry. This move is set to bolster their team as they continue to expand their reach across the globe. With the help of this sponsor licence, Event and Media Structures Ltd. will be able to recruit talented individuals from around the world, making their workforce even more diverse and well-rounded.

The sponsor licence granted to Event and Media Structures Ltd. will enable them to bring in skilled international talent to strengthen their team and support their global growth strategy. This opens the doors for their business to access a larger pool of talent, allowing them to build a more diverse and experienced team. Furthermore, with the skills and expertise of their international staff, Event and Media Structures Ltd. will be able to increase the quality of their services, such as event scaffolding and the design and installation of temporary event structures. This will help them increase their market presence and reputation, which will be essential to achieving their global growth goals. Ultimately, the sponsor licence granted to the company is a crucial step towards boosting their international operations and taking their business to new heights.