This November the UK hosted the 26th Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in Glasgow.

We played a small part by building several structures for the COP26 Green Zone – a specially curated space for over one hundred exhibitors and two hundred climate themed interactive events.

On behalf of our client Field and Lawn we built several Green Zone structures including:

  • Two temporary marquee scaffold substructures
  • Temporary ramp with childproof handrails
  • Layher System Access Staircase with childproof guardrails, anti-slip ply-board treads, risers and landing with contrasting nosings.
  • Main public temporary access ramp with childproof handrails and anti-slip ply deck.

All the temporary Green Zone builds were constructed using Layher System Scaffold which is light and strong – perfect for building temporary marquee substructures and public access walkways with a high footfall.

Because it’s light, Layher scaffolding tends to be more economical to transport too, which is better for our company’s carbon footprint and a win for the environment.

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