We are delighted to introduce our new Head of Logistics, Iain Paterson. With an impressive 27-year career spanning the auto, aerospace, and food industries, Mr. Paterson joins us with a wealth of knowledge and a proven track record.

Iain Paterson’s mission is clear: he is here to implement a cutting-edge inventory management system, troubleshoot existing logistical protocols, and introduce streamlined procedures to enhance our productivity and efficiency.

His career began in the auto industry, where he honed his skills in managing complex supply chains. He then transitioned to the aerospace industry, further refining his project management abilities. Later, in the food industry, he conquered the challenges of perishable goods logistics.

In his role as Head of Logistics, he will leverage this rich experience to revolutionize our logistical processes. His focus starts with implementing a state-of-the-art inventory management system to improve our asset tracking, reduce waste, and optimize our supply chain.

Iain’s creative problem-solving skills will also drive the implementation of procedures that will enhance our operational efficiency and reduce costs, delivering an even higher level of service to our customers.

As we welcome Iain, we are confident that his knowledge, experience, and drive will lead us to new heights in the world of logistics. Our future looks brighter than ever, and we’re excited to see the positive impact he’ll make. Stay tuned for updates on his transformative journey in logistics.