We are delighted to announce the latest member of our team Rida Yasin, as our new account’s assistant.  

Rida, who has a Master of Science in Accounting and Finance along with an ACCA in Accounting and Finance will be handling the company’s day to day financial affairs.  Rida is a highly motivated individual that is dependable, intelligent, well organised and most importantly, a wonderful human being that we all love and admire! 

Rida Yasin

Our new super signing has previous history working in both the UK and Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.  Born in Pakistan, she is multilingual, speaking immaculate English as well as Punjabi and Urdu.  As the company is undergoing an international growth strategy, which will include Southeast Asia & the Middle East, it is essential to expand our diversity to help embrace different cultures and aid in shaping our company dynamic.  

We are fully supporting Rida with her career in Finance and with further training and working experience, we are confident that this high achiever will grow with the company far beyond our expectations.  

Since her inception, she has already made an impact in multiple areas of the company including project budgeting, internal processes & purchasing.   After troubleshooting these areas and applying her expertise, she has implemented new procedures that have already made a significant impact on our efficiency.  

We welcome Rida into our team with open arms, we look forward to witnessing her further advancing her career and developing within our fast-paced industry.