Project Details

Golfing stars such as Southport’s own Tommy Fleetwood will be playing at the tournament which runs from the 8th to the 12th of May, along with a host of other talented golfers from the international circuit. Our task was to supply the tournament with a 10 x 10-meter square island stand to showcase one of Bentley’s latest models. Time was of the essence, as we had been given a short turnaround time of two days to get it built from scratch. With the pressure on we test built the scaffold structure beforehand. On arrival at the golf course and within 24 hours, we had erected the scaffold substructure which is designed to support a 3-tonne car. On day two our task was to lay the decking and fit the high-grade artificial grass. Once achieved, parts of the decking, stairs and sides were cleverly wrapped in white vinyl, giving a gloss paint finish without the hassle of waiting for paint to dry – genius! Finally, glass handrails were installed along with an access staircase for the public to enter and exit the island stand and of course check out the car. The finishing touches such as the graphic design backdrop, parasol and banners were carefully put in place and voila! Suffice to say our client was delighted. Hopefully the public will be too.