Whether it’s a Winter Wonderland sculpted from ice or an Enchanted Forest with dazzling visuals – we can design and manufacture a set display that will inject your music festival, private party or feature film with some originality and a little bit of that ‘wow’ factor.

To turn your concept into a reality our design team will use the latest in innovative design from 3D print technology to 7 axis CNC robotic sculpting and cutting machines, along with dual component spraying systems.

To date our team of specialist carpenters, engineers and set designers have re-created large capacity venues such as the infamous ‘Nation’ nightclub for Creamfields and built a prison, replete with actors for a billionaire’s Halloween party. We’ve also created ice kingdoms and original light displays with a suspended DJ Booth for a private party.

If you’re stuck for ideas, or think that your idea is too bonkers, give us a call and be inspired.

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